What Helps

Been a while since I’ve posted, and I’m writing this one on my phone because I didn’t want to start up my laptop. The week was pretty crazy, although I still laughed because Evie, my pup, had so many antics, like watching me intently as I finished off the water from a Dasani bottle and sitting patiently, waiting for me to throw it onto the floor so that she could crunch it with her mighty canine teeth (the sharpness of which I have often felt on the backs of my hands).

I’m so glad I’m able to laugh in the midst of life’s stressful moments. Once, I was better at it than I am now. But I’m moving forward and growing into a more joyful self, even more than I was back then.

Several things help with this. One is the aforementioned pup, who just does not let much bother her. She perseveres in spite of it all and knows what she likes. Really, she’s just a doggy representation of me. Watching her gives me hope I can be a free, independent spirit like her. (Yes. Like the independent spirit of a dog.)

Another is a devotional book called Reaching Forward by Gary Henry. He provides spiritual, practical advice for putting your past behind and moving toward the things of this life (and beyond) that are most excellent.

Studio C is a third element that has helped me regain my sense of humor especially. These comedy sketches from BYU cover just about every aspect of life and match my sense of humor. Watching them, I can gain some new jokes and truly laugh hard, sometimes harder than I have in a while.

Wow. That was a lot deeper than I meant to go on a Friday night. Really, all I wanted to do was to check in so that you know mine is not just a blank blog somebody wrote on once and then was done.

What I really need to do is write about the wind. Ever since coming back home, when it does blow, I can’t seem to get enough of it…strange thing to say, I know, but there it is.

And now my dog is peacefully chewing her bone, calmed down from this evening’s running around and jumping as high as my shoulder and complaining about how warm my place is and trying to eat my toast….and I think I’ll go watch some Studio C.

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