Three Crazy Ideas

I’ve been doing research tonight for one of three Crazy Ideas. It will be the last to be implemented, so I’ll save that explanation for later.

The first one to be settled and executed is Country Game Nights, full of people, kids, dogs, all playing wonderful games such as euchre or Monopoly or checkers at my place. Lots of food, too, of course.

I’m excited about the prospect. I get tired of just seeing people through my computer screen and I need interaction.

The second Idea to be implemented will fund my third Idea. While I was out in the field taking photos one day, someone asked me if I did anything with the pictures I take, like an art gallery. It was very nice, and it got me to wondering, if I offered some of my artwork in the form of photographs for sale, would they sell well?

It’ll take a while to get this off the ground, but my computer guru brother had suggestions on how I could make it happen, so we shall see!

Now off to do more research on this third Idea….

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