The cows were thirsty tonight.

thirsty cows



The liquid in their three water troughs had solidified, so I went into the pen to break the ice with a large and very heavy board.

first trough


There was a lot of it. (Here are the other two troughs.)

second and third troughs


And I started singing the ice worker’s song from the beginning of the movie Frozen.

(They must have sung to avoid making strange loud noises, like “Hiya!” or “My back!” Here is that amazing opening sequence.)

Then I emptied the two troughs I could tip over (the largest one would not budge).

dumping the ice


After resetting the troughs, I was ready to connect the hose to the hydrant and send water to those thirsty cows.

Before I did that, though, I needed to go inside, make a phone call and dress more warmly. I also became hungry, so ate cinnamon twists from the Amish bulk grocery store about 20 minutes down the road.

cinnamon twists


My Carhartt coveralls and farm scarf were out in my car, so I had to dress more warmly while I was standing outside in the freezing temperatures without my coat on. One of these days, the order in which I do things will make sense!

Then I headed for the hydrant. The hose lay close by. I picked it up. It was so cold, this is what happened when I did:

snapped hose

Snapped. Clean break. No undo button.

It was back to the drawing board, or more specifically, the barn for a new hose. Picked out one, hiked back to the hydrant. Too short. Returned to the barn. Found another one. Success.  I then hooked a couple of hoses together to reach the water troughs.

Finally, everything clicked.

cow drinking

Happy cows.

The end. (And no, I did not title my post Frozen in order to get more hits. Although if that happens, thank you for stopping by!)

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