Evening Chores Under a Full Moon: A Photo Essay

Last night when Dad and I began chores at the Woodland Farm, the first thing we noticed was a bright sphere in the sky hovering over the barn.

Full Moon over the Barn

With the sun setting behind us, it was a beautiful sight.

Sunset Feb. 3

The first task to complete was watering the horse.

Watering the horse

Then, we went to the barn to scoop out the feed for the cattle.


Then Dad fed the bulls.  I fed the horse.


The heifers were all ready for their corn.

Heifers ready for the corn

Soon it was time to hop in the Ranger and feed our second set of heifers.


The Ranger driver is pretty blind when trying to back out, so Dad directed me.


Looking east to see the moon…

Looking East

…and looking west toward the sunset…

Looking West

…we can see he had a difficult job. We headed back to the barn, and Dad put hay in to the bull’s pen.


While I was waiting, I looked around the barn to see old head collars and bridles.

Old harness

Then, buckets were loaded for the morning.

Feed ready for the morning

And it was time to return the Ranger to the garage and admire the moonlit scene…


…as well as the last of the setting sun.

Sunset Silhouette

Slow-cooked potato and beef stew sure tasted good after those freezing temperatures.

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