A Microcosm of the Universe — From a Car

Every so often, I take a snapshot of my life by looking at what I have in my car. I often say I could live out of my car and a laundry basket so I could travel around with my dog and camera, taking pictures and writing about where I go.

The first time I took an inventory and published it, I was in grad school and participating in a multimedia course that I greatly enjoyed. Here is that first inventory: 

April 2, 2013

Tonight, I took inventory of what all’s in the back seat of the Bos Taurus: two state gazeteers, two U.S. atlases, a color guide book of Montana, the comics page from a two-year-old newspaper, a still photography tripod, a video tripod, wireless lav mike set, pamphlets from Maine and New Hampshire, a big round plastic tray for cookies, audio recorder, headphones, batteries, HD video camera, backpack, a plastic carrier for glass milk jars from Meyer Dairy, my old license plate, and a steel wire bent into a square foot circle for measuring wheat or determining when to rotate out of alfalfa.

Yep. Food and tools and camera equipment. I can officially live out of my car.


I took another inventory tonight.

September 30, 2015

Every so often, I like to take inventory of what I have in my car as a microcosm of what’s happening. Here’s what I had today at 7 p.m.: Berkey Creamery travel mug, several sheep and cattle halters, my Happy Valley sweatshirt, Purdue’s Cover Crop Field Guide, a tub full of corn hole bags and duct tape, a blue pocket knife with soil on the blade, two white fence posts for slope markers, a lawn chair, several pencils, three sets of sheet music, two atlases, two gazeteers, two books of CDs, two books, and a bottle of contact solution.


(I also still have the color guide book of Montana for when I go back, as well as the comics page.)

Yes, indeed, there are interesting times. Soils judging is happening Friday, and for our teams to practice, a local farmer dug three pits in one of his fields. “Just a farmer playing with his backhoe!” he said. I am singing for a friend’s wedding next week, and I was at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center, which is still So Much Home, even nine years after living there, over the weekend. It was fantastic.

Then today, I received a notification from WordPress telling me it’s my two year anniversary of registering for the site. That’s quite exciting.

What also was fantastic was being done with lesson planning for the next two days by 5 p.m. It feels so good to be able to just sit on the couch and write.

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