A New Name

I recently bought a new domain name for this blog: kiwihoosier.com.

The name Kiwi Hoosier comes partly from the presentation my FFA officers gave at this year’s annual chapter banquet. One line toward the end said, “Although you’re going to temporarily be a Kiwi, never forget…you’ll always be a Hoosier at heart.”

In saying that, they showed tremendous insight. Because that is me. A Hoosier at heart in Indiana, in Pennsylvania, in whatever state, or country, I am.

My former name of the blog, Roots Run Deep, will still stand, and it’ll always be in play. Roots will still run deep, even though I’m traveling. A couple of months ago, someone told me, “You’ll never get mud on your boots, will you? You’re never in one place long enough to put down roots.”

It took me a split second to understand what was said because I was working on a farm so I definitely would be getting mud on my boots. And when I did realize it, I had several responses about my roots swirling in my head. I only nodded.

There’s something that’s not often understood about roots.

Our roots are not plant roots. They keep us grounded, but that does not always mean we stay in one place. They help us remember where we came from, even though we may not be there. In whatever state we are, we can find joy. Our roots remind us who our King is.

So yes. Kiwi Hoosier, I will be.

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.”

~Thomas Roethke

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