Photos from the Otago Peninsula

While I lived in Dunedin, I loved driving out to the peninsula. In less than five minutes, I was back in the country life with the added joy of an ocean breeze.

Here are some photos from a trip to the Peninsula in May.

Otago Harbour
Looking across the Otago Harbour to the Port Chalmers area from the road to Portobello.

A massive mound of rock and soil with the road to Portobello cut out behind it.
The hills lined with fences and trees with the ocean beyond.
Sheep on the Peninsula
Sheep grazing with one of the inlets in the background.
The ocean disappeared when walking through Sandymount Recreational Reserve, and I suddenly found myself in Middle Earth.
Beyond the trees sat this woolshed. It surprised me. I wondered how the sheep truck fared while driving the steep gravel roads and what it was like working with the ocean beyond the fence.
Allan's Beach
A sunset view of Allan’s Beach and the beautiful grasses near the Chasm.
The walk back through Middle Earth at sunset.
Highcliff Sunset
Sunset over Dunedin, shot while stopped at a pullover along the Highcliff Road.

This last shot was taken the day before I left Dunedin. It’s called Sandfly Bay, and as I wrote on Instagram when I posted a March photo of Sandfly Bay, “For me, this place ranks up there with Milford Sound, Kaikoura, MacKenzie Country, and Stewart Island. It’s a place of contrasts: loud and quiet, vast and closed in, sky and land, domestication and wilderness, bounded and boundless, comfort and edge all at the same time. A place where the spirit can just…be.”

Sandfly Bay
Sandfly Bay on the eastern edge of the Otago Peninsula.

One thought on “Photos from the Otago Peninsula

  1. I am so glad you are spending time here! You take wonderful pictures that truly make me miss NZ. Love the old sheep shearing shed!

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