A Plug for AgStockPhotos

Some exciting news: I am officially a contributor for AgStockPhotos! Stock photo websites have been places to which I’ve been encouraged to contribute in the past, but the behemoth sites didn’t seem like a place where my photos would be found easily.

Then along comes AgStockPhotos. There are over 1,000 photos of livestock, crops, equipment, barns, and more on the site.

A couple of my first photos (the dog and the hay bale) contributed ended up on the homepage for a little while: 

Home Page of AgStockPhotos

If you’d like to see my photos on the site, here they are!

They look so official now with that watermark : )


In New Zealand, this is being published on June 23. This is the first time in two years I’ve experienced June 23. Last year, it was my missing day when I crossed the international timeline on my flight here.

I leave New Zealand tomorrow.

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