A Brief Travel Update

I’m in Wales now, after flying from Dublin to London and spending six days there in a city filled with treasures. I saw:

–Westminster Abbey
–The world’s longest-running play, The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie
–Tower Bridge
–Portobello Market
–An exhibition of Star Wars costumes in which I could create my own Star Wars avatar
–The Globe Theatre
–Double-decker buses (and rode in the top deck at the front once!)
–Telephone boxes (which I have continued to see in driving around Wales)
–Hyde Park
–St. Paul’s Cathedral
–Millenium Bridge (the one that was destroyed in Harry Potter)
–The outside of Buckingham Palace

The list could grow beyond that. I was amazed in the British Library by works in the hand of Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy. In walking around the city, I found several authors’ residences. 

I took the train from London to Bangor, Wales, then rented a car and have been driving around Wales. Yesterday, I found a folk and acoustic festival in a small valley village near a popular lake. Professionals performed, and then people gathered in a smaller room in the community centre and had a sing-around, where musicians would sign up and perform in that order. It was an encouraging environment.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back in England, this time in the north, sightseeing in literary places and national parks, and then, to Scotland.

For my latest photos, for now, I’ll send you to Instagram.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your continuous support in this journey.

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