35 Things I Appreciate About America

It’s easy to take for granted things we can access or see any time. Every so often, we take a step back to recognize and appreciate our surroundings.

Thanksgiving is a great time to do that. We celebrate our abundance and give to those who may not have so much.

While traveling, there were several things that I missed and looked for in stores, but the items weren’t available (most of that list includes food). Others I didn’t realized I missed until I returned home. I then started composing a list of all the things I appreciated about home in my head, and in no time, it grew to a sizable catalog. So, in no particular order, here are 35 things I appreciate about America:

Leaves turning orange.
  1. Four seasons.
  2. A safe food supply.
  3. The National FFA Organization.
  4. Low food prices compared to income.
  5. Cinnamon rolls.
  6. Low fuel prices.
  7. Listing month before day in dates.
  8. Countdowns to Christmas.
  9. Good customer service.
  10. The National Park System.
  11. Turkey.
  12. Candy corn.
  13. Our military.
  14. Harvest.
  15. Creative commercials.
  16. The creativity showcased in music and film.
  17. Twizzlers.
  18. The agriculture community.
  19. The United States Postal Service: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers….”
  20. March Madness.
  21. The land-grant university system.
  22. The opportunity to live far away from the ocean.
  23. State Fairs.
  24. The Interstate highway system.
  25. Pretty much anything can be ordered and received through the mail at a reasonable cost.
  26. Little Debbie snacks.
  27. Marching bands.
  28. Warm houses.
  29. Lots of cool accents.
  30. 4-H.
  31. The ability to see a lot without leaving the country.
  32. No class system with set rules that dictate how to talk to another person.
  33. Only four types of coins regularly in use, and our base is a bill.
  34. Huge New Year’s Eve celebrations across the country with family get-togethers.
  35. Freedom.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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