Feeding, Moving Heifers, and a Goldfish: Photos and a Video

Yesterday’s evening chores were complemented by warm weather and brilliant blue skies.

The fillies were ready for their food.

The heifers across the road were going to be moved to a new pasture. To prepare for the move, I transported their two water tanks.


As well as Stan the Goldfish, who faithfully cleaned the algae that blooms in one of the water tanks under the hot summer sun.


Unfortunately, Stan became carsick in transport and perished this morning.

The heifers danced while they grazed next to the gate.

When Dad appeared, he asked if all the gates were where they needed to be and if the heifers were ready.

I replied confidently, “They wanted to follow me out of the gate when I drove out with the water tank. They’ll be ready to go.”

So we opened the gates, and I walked into the pasture to follow the heifers through the opening, across the road, and into fresh green pasture. That simple.

They did not want to go. Step too close, and they would jump in place as if startled. The possibility of the group bolting away was high. I was able to turn them toward the gates, but one heifer didn’t like the situation. She scrambled past me to the woods. The rest followed.

Dad circled around and brought them out of the trees, but upon seeing me, the lead heifer darted back into the thicket. Dad followed them in again. It took several tries to convince them to approach the gate, and once they were there, only four of the six charged through and across the road to the new pasture. They were immediately rewarded for their efforts with fresh grass.

The other two, who had been the leaders of the charges into the woods, hurtled past both Dad and me, away from the gate. As late as it was, it would be a lost cause to try to continue to herd them, so we left them, returning all the gates to their rightful places.

The day ended with orange clouds.


I glanced in the rear view mirror as I backed out of the driveway to go eat supper.


The heifers that did go across the road were happy and comfortable in their new beds of grass as I drove past.

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