First Day of Haying

We finally put hay up for the first time this year earlier this week. Rain had delayed the operation for a while. Most were round bales. Two rows of alfalfa became square bales for the horses.

The next morning, early, rain came. Storm clouds stayed for a while.

Sunrise brought rays and shadows of bales, and I stood outside the barn gaping at the sight for a few minutes before sense finally said, “Go get your camera!”

Standing on the bales, I played with the light, snapping before the gold changed to dull yellow with no shadows. Sometimes, the colors changed so quickly I could see the progression in photos shot just seconds apart.



Even the cattle glowed.


The next task is to move the round bales off of the field (the square bales were picked up almost immediately and tucked inside wooden tie stalls, salted as they were stacked so that they wouldn’t start burning from their damp interiors) and wait for one to two months for the grass to grow so that this field can be cut again for hay.

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