The Chicken Tractor Completed

Previously, I’ve discussed reasons for building a chicken tractor and putting the pieces of our own chicken tractor together. Now, here is the grand finale!

After more than a month of building, readjusting, cutting boards to fit wonky angles that resulted from decisions at the very beginning of the project, and thinking about what would make birds happy, the chicken tractor was finished.


It has sliding doors, FlexSeal on the plywood roof for waterproofing, and a sheet of vinyl panel for the floor of the coop and nesting box. I don’t need to duck my head when I walk through the door, and the feed, water, and ramp move along with the chicken tractor on moving day without any extra effort.

It looks just like I envisioned it would before the project began.


The day it was finished, the chicken tractor was moved from its construction site on the gravel driveway to a grassy patch near the barn. Then, the chickens were wheeled in a crate from their former home to their new one. We had very happy chickens on move-in day.


Toby considered chicken watching better than TV.


A couple of months later, we reconfigured my original chicken coop, which I had purchased at Tractor Supply Company.


So now I have two chicken tractors and two groups of chickens! The year-and-a-half old chickens scratch around in the first chicken tractor. The younger hens, a small group that hasn’t started laying yet, hang out in the second chicken tractor.

I’ve already reaped the benefits. There is much less clean-out as I can simply move the chickens to a clean patch every couple of days. I can provide less feed because the birds are able to chew on grass (something I didn’t know that they did!) and look for bugs.

This was an enjoyable project. It wasn’t without its challenges, but everything worked out, and most importantly, we have happy chickens!

2 thoughts on “The Chicken Tractor Completed

  1. I hear you are acquiring some ewes. You need a ram to put in with them soon.

    Hope you’re doing well.

    Doug Johnstone

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