A Fall

Last night, I watched myself fall in the mirror.

I had tried to stand next to the sink to brush my teeth, but something came over me. I wasn’t really lightheaded, and I didn’t black out–I just ceased to be a participant in my ability to physically function. I became merely an observer.

Somehow, I was cognizant that I needed to fall an inch to the right so I could hit the door frame instead of landing hard on my tailbone. I sunk and hit the trash can and the door frame. Crash!

In the mirror, my eyes widened, my mouth a straight line, face peeking over the bathroom sink.

This happens when exhaustion prevails.

Four examinations are scheduled for the next two weeks. A diagnosis is nearing. It’s just a matter of waiting, and waiting well.

3 thoughts on “A Fall

  1. Yes, wish I lived nearby to help you. Hang in there as we all wait with you for answers to your present weakness. Many thoughts and prayers.

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