A soft blanket of snow surrounded the barn yesterday afternoon. The wind blew cold, but stepping inside to straw and sheep brought quiet and warmth. Barns are peaceful places in winter, the hustle and activity of the summer slowing down as the farm prepares for the cold weather.

Growing up, we lambed in January and February. Perhaps because of this, I’ve never seen January or February as tiresome. Rather, I see them as joyful. I am excited that it’s November, one of my favorite months! My birthday, NaNoWriMo (which I have finally committed to doing!), Thanksgiving, first snows, landscapes changing from color to desolation.

I need this time of blank pages. Of cold. Of renewal, especially renewal in health. Answers are still unseen, around the corner, but we’re getting closer. It’s been a good week overall with filming and writing.

And snow, which paints the palette of the Earth with its crystals and gleams and delights the child.

And me.

3 thoughts on “November

  1. Are you thinking of publishing a book eventually. We enjoy your writing and can’t wait for each new blog entry!

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