New Lambs

Twin Shetland ewes were the first lambs born this season!

The Shetlands started lambing on Saturday. Twin ewes from Maserati were the first to make their appearance. It was another dream come true, the first lambs from the sheep I bought on my birthday.

Four more arrived on Wednesday to New Zealand and Lemur.

What a great mop top!

It’s so nice to see everyone wandering around. I sat out in the barn for at least 45 minutes on Wednesday, watching them.

And their voices are so much fun to hear.

There are two ewes left to lamb, and if they each have two lambs, the lamb crop will be at 200%!

And the lambs learn that it’s fun to explore and see the world, but when you were just born that day, it can be tiring.

Happy Friday!

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