Our Ring Sheep

Some losses are worse than others.

Yesterday afternoon, we discovered that our beloved ring sheep, Szarlota, was dead.

It was devastating. She was the first Shetland I bought, and she had won her class at a show in Colorado. Her genetics and conformation were good, and I planned to build a flock from her quality and beautiful personality.

She’d come up for a scratch on the chin, and the day I went to buy her, she followed me around, begging me to take her home. (The full story is at the end of “Sheep Make Everything Better“).

She’s such an integral part of our story, and we are stunned.

So she’s now at Purdue, helping vet students learn about diagnostics. We took her last night, one of the students on call meeting us.

“Make sure you let them know that she was the ring sheep at our wedding two months ago.”

The vet recorded this.

Because Szarlota was the best, and there will be a hole in the barn for a long time.

Szarlota’s curiosity shines.
Szarlota, who traveled in the back of Jeff’s new car to get home, meets Toby.
Daisy says, “What have you brought home now?”


Kristin, my Maid of Honor, scrubs away dirt the day before the wedding. Szarlota didn’t care much for that.
Before the wedding. Photo by Rainstorm Photo.
Proudly delivering the rings. Photo by Rainstorm Photo.

And the best video of all, truly capturing Szarlota as she visits with and runs after Butterscotch:

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