The results for Szarlota came in from Purdue last week: heat stroke. The heat index that day had been 102, and the barn doors had been closed to protect the sheep against dogs that roamed the neighborhood.

I’ve kicked myself, I’ve been angry, I’ve grieved.

We need a dog.

Not just any dog–a livestock guardian dog. Breeds such as Maremma, Great Pyrenees, and Anatolian Shepherds look after sheep, goats, chickens, and more, protecting them from threats and warning us of challenging situations we may not have seen yet.

So much has happened since we’ve been married: raccoons eating the entire chicken flock, two lambs succumbing to injuries, Szarlota beaten by the heat, and a third lamb lost to weakness and illness. It has all added up. We aren’t able to move the sheep outside without a dog, so we’re buying hay instead of feeding them luscious grass from the pasture. Our limited barn space will prevent us from expanding the flock like we want, as well.

So we’re searching for a good dog.

Of course, Toby is still a good Helper.

But sometimes, even the best Helpers need a little assistance.

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