Then and Now (Could also be considered Guardian, Part 3)

A week after I returned home from New Zealand, a high school friend, L, and I drove around the county to see the annual Covered Bridge Festival and visit bridges we didn’t often see. We took our photos in front of nine of the 31 structures.

Of course we stopped by West Union.

Who knew that two and a half years later, we’d be standing on the same bridge as bride and bridesmaid.

Photo by Rainstorm Photo.

And who knew that when I got a picture with my traveling companion, Frodo…

…that two-and-a-half years later I’d have my photo taken with my life’s companion and best friend there.

Photo by Rainstorm Photo.

Check out the blog posts from L’s and my trip around the county:

L’s: Festival Philosophies

Mine: Where I Can Breathe

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