New from Root 61 Communications: Audio and Video Memoirs

I talk with Wabash River Career and Technical Education alum Braden Rainey about his experience in the culinary arts program.

Everyone has a story.

What’s yours?

Our stories are treasures that should be dug up, polished, and cherished. But sometimes, we need some help to find those treasures. So I am excited to announce a new service available from Root 61 Communications: audio and video memoirs!

I love hearing others’ stories, whether it’s an anecdote about a childhood adventure or a tale of a farm that survived the transition from draft horses to tractors. With an audio or video memoir, we’ll record an hour-long conversation about some of your favorite life experiences. Then, I’ll package your stories for you as a long-lasting keepsake. There are also options for creating a video or book with your photos accompanying your stories!

Right now, only audio memoirs with recordings conducted via phone are available, but when it becomes warmer and we are able to be physically distant according to CDC guidelines outside, both audio and video memoirs outside will become available.

These keepsakes create beautiful gifts for your family! Contact Root 61 Communications if you’d like to learn more!

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