“Small Town, Big Deal” Episode Filmed Here Showing Next Week

The crew from Small Town, Big Deal films an interview on the farm.

Last October, a film crew from Small Town, Big Deal visited Parke County to tape an episode about our covered bridges and rural attractions. I was interviewed at the bridge where Jeff proposed to me, and the show hosts, Rodney Miller and Jann Carl, talked to my great-aunt on the farm. I couldn’t hear all of that interview because I was working with the horses in the background, so the first time I’ll really hear it is on TV.

I’m with Kellen in the field while the TV hosts conduct their interview.

The episode is airing next week, the week of March 22, so mark your calendars! It’ll be on RFD-TV on Thursday of that week, and on various other channels. The full channel listing is on the show website.

Rodney Miller and Jann Carl talk with Aunt Adrene.

The day was rainy and overcast, but as the film crew drew near the end of the day, Golden Hour began, and the farm transformed.

Golden Hour on the day of the filming.

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