Prayer of the Photographer

Recently, I was given the opportunity to compose a prayer of the photographer. The Rewriter posted it on her blog here, and an actor read it aloud at an arts and Christianity conference she hosted.

These are things I think about as a photographer.

It's Raining Ink

This the second of a short series of liturgies. If we are to “do all the glory of God” which includes the most basic of tasks–like eating and drinking–it stands to reason we must pray often and specifically. Here is one from my friend Elise Koning. She’s a storyteller, farmer, shepherd, teacher, and photographer. Check out more of her work at the Kiwi Hoosier!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the gift of


the wonders of your Creation

through my lens.

I pray I will always be open to showing

that which You guide me to.

Though I know my prints will never match the true nature of the colors you paint,

may the scenes still reveal Your Majesty and Goodness.

Be my strength as Golden Hour fades.

When the dark comes, show me the Light.

When the shadows grow long, give me a way to work through them.

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