Fave Photos From the Past Week

It’s been a big week for several reasons, including lambing and sugaring season. Our first lamb arrived on Monday, and so far, we’ve collected 65 gallons of sap! That’s about a gallon and a half of syrup.

So without further ado, here are the week’s top photos:

Quiet woods for Sunday morning collection.
Ice nestled in crunchy leaves.
Our makeshift cinder block evaporator.
We set roasting pans over the fire to boil the syrup.
The syrup is finished on the stove, where the temperature can be more finely controlled.
The finished product: a quart of maple syrup.
Our first lamb of the year: a single Shropshire ewe.
I was especially excited to use the new lamb sling to weigh her. She was comfortable in the air!
Sap bags hanging on an open growth sugar maple tree. It’s been the best producer so far.
Afternoon light on March 1. It made the landscape really pretty.
Sunshine and shadows on this March morning.

The light is amazing this morning, and the dawn chorus tweets still. It’s been a lot of fun taking photos again. I was on a hiatus for a while and just didn’t get out to look for photos.

I have a new phone, a Moto G Stylus, I really like. While the photos aren’t as sharp as they would be on my Fujifilm, I’m still please with the shots I shared above. I hope that I’ll be moved to carry my Fujifilm camera with me now to properly capture the landscapes around me.

So, that’s what we’re creating here this spring. What will you create this spring?

Your Thoughts:

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