Our Ring Sheep

Our Ring Sheep

Some losses are worse than others.

Yesterday afternoon, we discovered that our beloved ring sheep, Szarlota, was dead.

It was devastating. She was the first Shetland I bought, and she had won her class at a show in Colorado. Her genetics and conformation were good, and I planned to build a flock from her quality and beautiful personality.

She’d come up for a scratch on the chin, and the day I went to buy her, she followed me around, begging me to take her home. (The full story is at the end of “Sheep Make Everything Better“). Continue reading “Our Ring Sheep”

Should Have Been

On Friday, I picked up a chai tea latte with a shot of caramel and a couple of donuts from a local shop to drown the sorrow of losing all of my chickens to raccoons over the last month. The creatures had broken through every defense, tearing out staples and unwinding wires. Thursday night, I’d splinted one lamb’s broken leg, and lost another to a broken neck. Speculation is the only tool to tell what happened: either she was trampled or fell from the top of a hay bale. Continue reading “Should Have Been”

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

“We did it.”

Those were some of the first words we said to each other as a married couple, and we said them in awe as we caught our breath at the end of the bridge after our wedding ceremony.

Despite all the changes due to the pandemic, all the anxiety, all the details that we could only know at the last minute, we did it.

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Finding the Rings (In Which I Forget Something)

We ordered our wedding rings from a local jeweler, and when he let us know they were in a week earlier than expected, we stopped by his store on the town square on Saturday morning to take a look and see if we liked the rings as well in person as we did online. I situated my flowery blue and green mask so that it sat snugly beneath my glasses and happily hopped out into the sunshine.

At first, it seemed the store was closed because of the unlit neon sign and the front door’s darkened glass. I tugged on the handle anyway, and the door opened. The jeweler greeted us and brought out our order, summoning us to a side counter near the door.

He pulled the ring for me from a small plastic bag. Continue reading “Finding the Rings (In Which I Forget Something)”

Wanderings in a Letter

Wanderings in a Letter

Dear Lovely Readers,

Happy Happy Happy May!

It’s a beautiful Indiana blue sky out there, new lambs and calves are everywhere, and it’s 15 days before Jeff and I get married.

This guy is pretty awesome, and I’m so thankful to be able to start our married life together without needing to postpone the ceremony itself.

In front of the mural, downtown Lafayette, Indiana. By Rainstorm Photo.
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Continued from previous post.

Everything stopped, and we had no control over it.

Thousands of people became ill and died. Businesses and schools closed. Governments issued stay-at-home orders.

High school seniors missed their big moments, sports leagues canceled major competitions, and travelers were required to return home.

Our wedding twisted in the midst of this eddy. Continue reading “Swirl”