My Story

Believe. Connectedness. Agriculture.
These are three of my favorite words. I believe that we connect with words that speak to our core and who we want to be. We want to live those words. I need to believe in my work, and I do that through agriculture and writing. I dream up abstract worlds and grand ideals with my pen and notebook and capture the colors of reality through my camera lens. An idealist checking reality.

DSCF1645I am an Indiana farm girl who just returned from a year-long adventure in New Zealand. There, I worked on farms and learned about community and food while traveling around the North and South Islands. After my New Zealand visa expired, I took the next four months to visit Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland. The year before traveling, I served as an agriculture teacher and FFA advisor at the high school from which I graduated. Even though I taught for only a year, my students impacted me deeply, and I am grateful for them and the time spent as a teacher.

These experiences and many others, such as growing up on a farm, serving as a state FFA officer, and my time at two respected universities, have shaped my life and direction deeply. I never really know what is going to appear on this blog: stories about my travels, stories about teaching and agriculture, stories about living. But no matter what the topic, they all stem from Roots that Run Deep.