Professional Work

Below are a few samples of my work in agricultural journalism and videography.


Suppress Weeds by Planting in a Grid Pattern in Seed World.

Article on new research finding that planting crops in a grid can reduce weed mass by 25-30%.

Deploying Technologies to Predict Yield in Seed World.

Details how new technologies can use crop phenotype to predict crop yield.

Blowfly Strike a Concern in Warm, Humid Summer Months on The Sheep Site.

Written for an international audience to give suggestions on watching for and managing blowfly strike in sheep.

Preparing Your Flock: Vaccinations Before Breeding Season on The Sheep Site.

An article detailing the diseases that can be devastating to breeding animals and the economics of vaccinating.

I’ll miss my two homes: farm, Purdue in Purdue Ag Connections.

During my senior year at Purdue, a piece I wrote for the student newspaper’s literary edition was featured on the front page above the fold with a staff artist’s drawing accompanying the story. A coworker at the Purdue Agricultural Communication Department’s news unit saw the story and asked me to adapt it for the alumni publication, Purdue Ag Connections.

Digging deeper into soil health: Research on the horizon in Progressive Forage.

An explanation of upcoming research for the Conservation Cropping Systems for Soil Health and Productivity program.

Healthier soil can reduce nitrogen costs, offer drought tolerance in Corn and Soybean Digest

Talking with an Indiana farmer about the benefits of cultivating healthy soil on farm fields.

Consumers finally pay more for meat in Indiana Prairie Farmer.

A feature story that explains why livestock producers were receiving high prices for their animals.

With food prices, drought affects farmers more than consumers on Penn State News.

The day after this story’s publication, the interviewee was contacted by CBS Evening News to speak in a broadcast about the drought.

Protecting National Treasures with Conservation on the Conservation Technology Information Center website.

A feature story on the connection between Niagara Falls and farms in the Great Lakes basin.


Helping People, Land and Water: The Cover Crop Story

Video made to highlight the work done through the Great Lakes Cover Crop Initiative and to show how cover crops can benefit water and land quality.

Our Most Precious Natural Resource

Showcases a local FFA member, who describes the importance of protecting our most precious natural resource: our land.

Patches of Pokeweed and Piano

This piece combines still photographs with audio and tells the story of a young weed scientist who also loves to play the piano.