A Master Artist

A Master Artist

It was a bustling morning at the Art Gallery. Several people stopped in for the Photography Show. Children exclaimed over painted scenes of bridges they had traversed in the park. One woman purchased a magnet, and when the oversized Casio calculator displayed “1” three times when checking what 10% off $6 would be, I finally decided it was broken and used paper (for those who say this is easy math–this is true; but when I am faced with a cash register and a paying customer, my mind forgets everything I learned in fifth grade, and mental gymnastics to properly operate the cash register ensue).

In the relative quiet of the afternoon (the “oldies” radio station still plays), I am writing. They say bloggers aren’t supposed to pull attention toward how long it’s been since they last wrote something, but I’m going to break that rule for today.

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Should Have Been

On Friday, I picked up a chai tea latte with a shot of caramel and a couple of donuts from a local shop to drown the sorrow of losing all of my chickens to raccoons over the last month. The creatures had broken through every defense, tearing out staples and unwinding wires. Thursday night, I’d splinted one lamb’s broken leg, and lost another to a broken neck. Speculation is the only tool to tell what happened: either she was trampled or fell from the top of a hay bale. Continue reading “Should Have Been”

Why I Write

I once was told in a comment to a blog post,

“Sometimes…when I read your words…I feel like I’m existing in your soul for just a moment in time.

I like it.”

For years, the thought scared me. Someone could see inside me, just because I wrote something down. The vulnerability of it was frightening.

But as I continued writing, I began to understand that I was practicing an art. Continue reading “Why I Write”

Shoes and a Sword

The following is a note I wrote for Facebook on February 21, 2013, when I lived out in Pennsylvania. 

There is a place south of College Avenue, a short walk downtown from my office, that sells Penn State gear, anything from sweatshirts to magnets to nice little stuffed lions with blue and white scarves.

But today, I wasn’t interested in any of that (although I became interested in the lion, which I should go back for). I was headed for the shoe section.

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