A Microcosm of the Universe — From a Car

Every so often, I take a snapshot of my life by looking at what I have in my car. I often say I could live out of my car and a laundry basket so I could travel around with my dog and camera, taking pictures and writing about where I go.

The first time I took an inventory and published it, I was in grad school and participating in a multimedia course that I greatly enjoyed. Here is that first inventory:  Continue reading “A Microcosm of the Universe — From a Car”

In Which I Fuel Up at an Amish Lumberyard

In Which I Fuel Up at an Amish Lumberyard

Fall Trees by Ales Krivec. Click for source.
Fall Trees by Ales Krivec.

Today is the day before I receive my first paycheck for teaching (I am an ag teacher now; things changed a lot; someday, I’ll write a post about it, but today is not that day). I thought I would be able to make it until tomorrow before fueling up the Bos Taurus. Wow, was I wrong.

I travel between two schools to teach, and usually I take the main U.S. highway that connects the buildings. However, it is going through major de–I mean, con–struction, and I became weary of driving through it. I decided to take the winding back road that curves past Amish farms and schools, a beautiful route. There were places where I wished I could have stopped to take photographs. The sky opened before me like a joyous banquet, waiting for me to enjoy its spread. I passed the bulk food store, and that reminded me I need to stop there some Saturday to pick up freshly made donuts.

I taught, and then on my way back to my home school for a meeting, I decided to take the scenic route again. My low fuel gauge was still on, as it had been the past couple of days, and I was betting on it lasting until tomorrow. Continue reading “In Which I Fuel Up at an Amish Lumberyard”