Sheep Make Everything Better

Sheep Make Everything Better

DSCF1032ALast week, I ran to my recently established sheep pen to find a little ewe, two hours old.

Jumping up and down a bit, I climbed in and checked if she’d eaten. She was a healthy lamb, friendly and enthusiastic.

Five minutes after taking this photo, I nearly collapsed and relied on great support to make it back to the car and eventually to my bed. I slept for four hours with no dreams, unusual for me.

But after that, I had a little lamb to visit. I named her Dahlia, after the flower. Her mother’s name is Daisy, and the dahlia flower is in the same family as the daisy.

Plastic chairs sit right next to the sheep pen so that I can watch the three amigos live life and browse peacefully through the hay. Continue reading “Sheep Make Everything Better”

Driving on the Left Side of the Road

DSCF1801aI bought a new (to me) car not too long ago, and driving it has been an interesting experience. It’s a ’93 Toyota Corona with a solid engine and a CD player with dynamic sound for Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams” album, which was the first music I played in my new car.

Then, I wanted to name my car. I have been going with a Lord of the Rings theme, and my traveling companion, a stuffed kiwi bird, is named Frodo. But since the car is black, the only things coming to mind were the Black Gate, Mordor and Mt. Doom.

That just wouldn’t do.

Instead, I named my car Pippin. Continue reading “Driving on the Left Side of the Road”