“The Quiet of Sound” eBook Preview

“The Quiet of Sound” eBook Preview

I’ve just posted a short story eBook on my online store, and I wanted to give you the chance to read the first part on my blog! The story is complemented well by eight full-color illustrations by nikitagarets from fiverr.com.

So, without further ado, let’s meet Lara….

BandSitting on her father’s shoulders, Lara could see right to the stage. Levi stood there, drumsticks crossed, ready to tap it out. The singer raised his fist in the air, and her brother’s sticks flew, 1, 2, 3.

Then he slammed on the snare, one beat, and the bass and the guitar entered, loud and furious. Sixteen beats, and Brennan, the singer, drew close to the mike, smiled and sang.

Lara had the song memorized and started singing along, moving her head from side to side. There was the bridge, then back to the chorus, and the song ended slowly and softly, a huge contrast to the way they had started.

That was how they did things, her brother’s band. Lara always called Levi weird. Her parents called it talented, along with some other stuff she didn’t really understand: great musicality, unmatched sense of internal rhythm, and so on and so on. But he had formed this band, and now they were famous, and it was pretty cool. Continue reading ““The Quiet of Sound” eBook Preview”