National Agriculture Day: Celebrating on the Farm and Beyond

New calfToday is National Agriculture Day, and it is indeed a beautiful day here on the farm. New calves explore the world in the hillside pasture. I’ve seen two bald eagles circle the back pasture recently, thanks to conservation efforts on the Wabash River that brought several of the birds back to the area. One dog lies in front of the house, facing the driveway, to protect us from any intruders, and the other curls up on top of her doghouse, a real-life Snoopy. The barn was quiet this morning, the only sound being music from the radio next to the door.

The barn, fields and livestock of a farm are often the first pictures in mind when thinking about agriculture. But today, when someone is asked what comes to mind when thinking about agriculture today, there can be many answers: Continue reading “National Agriculture Day: Celebrating on the Farm and Beyond”