Building the Chicken Tractor

Building the Chicken Tractor

In my previous blog post, I talked about the beginning of this endeavor and “Reasons to Build a Chicken Tractor.”

Once the frame had been put together, we began to build from the ground up using mainly 1x3s.


I had laid out my specifications for the project in the beginning: a portable pen and coop with a ramp, hanging feeder, and suspended water bucket that would move with the structure. Toby’s Human (TH) researched how to make it all happen, finding chicken tractor designs via backyard chicken websites and university poultry research units. He melded elements from several blueprints.

The trick was customizing this chicken tractor to fit my flock. I had an idea regarding how many animals to put in the chicken tractor and texted it to TH.


Later that day, he showed me his notes and drew out a blueprint of how large and unwieldy a tractor with all of my specifications would need to be to accommodate 50 chickens comfortably. After discussion, I agreed to stick with 30 chickens (that didn’t happen, as my sister-in-law gave me 23 more chickens three months later [I keep them in my smaller chicken house]), and the official designs began. Continue reading “Building the Chicken Tractor”

Crossing Australia on the Indian Pacific Train: A Photo Essay

Crossing Australia on the Indian Pacific Train: A Photo Essay

When learning about the seven continents during social studies class, the fact that Australia was the only continent that was also an entire country was drilled into us.

But I forgot about that until I boarded the Indian Pacific and learned that the train was considered transcontinental.

I crossed an entire continent by rail. That was pretty cool.

The journey began on a Wednesday at Sydney’s Central Railway Station.

DSCF7798 Continue reading “Crossing Australia on the Indian Pacific Train: A Photo Essay”

Hey! We’re Making Hay: A Photo Essay

Hey! We’re Making Hay: A Photo Essay

Along with speaking to a group at the 4-H science workshops about my blog (that was pretty cool), writing a freelance article, and other various and sundry tasks, I’ve been in the field a lot over the last two weeks. Almost all of it was raking hay, although I had about an hour and a half where we were loading up small square bales. This time of year, we’re mostly doing round bales since it’s first cutting hay (usually lower quality than second and third cuttings taken later in the summer), but we put up around 75 small bales for a neighbor.

And it was downright hot. I don’t usually wear a hat, but this time I did. Most of my baseball caps are black Purdue marching band hats or a black Progressive Dairyman cap I received for having an article in their magazine a while back. But black is not the most favorable color for being in the sun, so I showcased my white Penn State snap back hat, which is supposedly very cool and hip.


With my sunglasses, hat and ear plugs, I felt like I was stylin’. Or in my own little world. They were good ear plugs.  Continue reading “Hey! We’re Making Hay: A Photo Essay”