Seven Favorite Photos

Seven Favorite Photos

It’s a beautiful May Saturday, full of autumn colors. I have several photos from my recent trip to Oamaru and my drive from the dairy farm where I worked in April to Dunedin, where I will be for the month of May as a teacher’s assistant at a primary school.

So here are seven of my favorite photos: Continue reading “Seven Favorite Photos”

On Descriptions, Exclamation Marks and Some Favorite Photos from January

On Descriptions, Exclamation Marks and Some Favorite Photos from January

While writing in my journal yesterday, I tried to describe a measuring instrument I had used at work. I failed miserably, and the entry I had expected to be short turned into an exposition on my feelings about high school English and how it shaped my life.

That was not a good explanation. I really haven’t had the mental capacity to write good descriptions in my journals. I’ve found I like to rely on my photos for my descriptive pieces. 

And plus, when I was in junior high (or maybe it was freshman year), I discovered I really disliked writing descriptions, especially lengthy ones. I felt it was a waste of time and that the writing space could be better filled with something else. I don’t know that I identified what that something else was at that age, but perhaps today, I have identified it: a photograph. Continue reading “On Descriptions, Exclamation Marks and Some Favorite Photos from January”

Updates, Many of Which Happily Deal with Writing and Communications

Just thought I’d take this opportunity of a two-hour delay (a result of heavy fog) to write down some tidbits from teaching lately.

The most recent happenings were district leadership Career Development Events, competitions where FFA members give speeches or demonstrations, participate in a job interview, write a persuasive essay and more. Five of my students competed, and one won in essay! So he will be competing at state. When I read the essay the next morning before heading to work, I about cried because it was such beautiful writing.

Probably the neatest moment of that was when he was congratulated on stage, one of his best friends was standing there as a district officer, and the look on their faces as they shook hands was priceless. Continue reading “Updates, Many of Which Happily Deal with Writing and Communications”

I didn’t take a picture of the sunset tonight.

Written Tuesday, November 24. 

I didn’t take a picture of the sunset tonight.

And that’s an unusual statement for a landscape and farm photographer to make.

It could be said that the reason was I only had a camera phone and the focus has not been cooperating for the last few weeks.

But I have been making it work and certainly could have made it work again.

It could be said that I didn’t take the picture because the colors don’t turn out right on my camera phone. The brilliant oranges are dulled, the deep pinks are washed out, and the entire picture gains a harsh tinge of yellow that shouldn’t be there.

But I could have edited the picture on my computer.

No. The real reason I didn’t take a photograph was this: Continue reading “I didn’t take a picture of the sunset tonight.”

Hey! We’re Making Hay: A Photo Essay

Hey! We’re Making Hay: A Photo Essay

Along with speaking to a group at the 4-H science workshops about my blog (that was pretty cool), writing a freelance article, and other various and sundry tasks, I’ve been in the field a lot over the last two weeks. Almost all of it was raking hay, although I had about an hour and a half where we were loading up small square bales. This time of year, we’re mostly doing round bales since it’s first cutting hay (usually lower quality than second and third cuttings taken later in the summer), but we put up around 75 small bales for a neighbor.

And it was downright hot. I don’t usually wear a hat, but this time I did. Most of my baseball caps are black Purdue marching band hats or a black Progressive Dairyman cap I received for having an article in their magazine a while back. But black is not the most favorable color for being in the sun, so I showcased my white Penn State snap back hat, which is supposedly very cool and hip.


With my sunglasses, hat and ear plugs, I felt like I was stylin’. Or in my own little world. They were good ear plugs.  Continue reading “Hey! We’re Making Hay: A Photo Essay”

Blogging About the Blog: Some Life and Writing Updates

Evie the farm dog sure has grown!
Evie the Farm Dog sure has grown since the last time I posted pictures! She likes the snow.

After having a rather vague “About” page for over a year, I decided to update it. Several new readers have joined me on this journey, so thank you and welcome. So here’s my story.

Substitute teaching, writing and helping out on the farm have been a good combination for me so far. I have been able to rest as needed, and as a result, I am doing much better than I was a few months ago in regards to health. I’ve made some positive life changes as well, such as:

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